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Can't get credit?

Can't get car credit?

We've helped thousands of customers get back on their feet and in the driver's seat. No matter what your credit score.

How Does It Work?

Our aim is simple - we want to make it as easy as possible for customers to drive away happy.

Firstly we need the car details you are interested in and your own details, we will then pass the application to our underwriting team, who will return to you with a decision within just a few hours.

Once approved, you could be driving away in your new vehicle away the same day

We can help those with...

Discharged Bankruptcy
Poor Credit / No Credit

Why use us?

We are experts in providing car finance for people regardless of their past credit history, we are here to help and our expertise is free. We can offer advice on debt counselling including the process in regard to the early settlement of an existing car finance agreement, we can also offer advice in regard to the options available for those customers who are in a negative equity position on their vehicle and how this may affect you when purchasing your new vehicle, we will discuss all of the options available to you without influencing your decision. our aim is to provide the information on the products available which will help you as a customer to make an informed decision, treating customers fairly is very important to us and so we want you to be armed with all of the best advice and information we have to offer.

There are many different finance products available on the market, you need to be sure that you are looking at the best product for your circumstances, In general we offer our services to those people who have had previous bad credit issues and are unable to obtain finance from the mainstream finance providers, however as this is not always the case if we discover that we are able to obtain finance through a more competitive lender we will inform you of this and offer that option, we try to minimise credit searches for the customer as this can affect your credit score but if you are confident that you can obtain finance via one of the mainstream finance companies please advise us early during the process and we will process your application through the prime channels.

We can help all customers with the following...

Late or Missed Payments
Self Employed
CCJ's Defaults, Arrears
New Job
HM Forces
EX Bankrupt
Low Credit Score
Previously Declined
Provisional Licence
Not On Voters Roll

Complaint Process

Our complaint process should be addressed as follows, Please address any complaint in regard to our business dealing to "the complaints manager" at the address on the website, detailing your complaint in full, we will respond to your complaint within 14 working days.

Please find below links to the FSA website, and also Citizens Advice Bureau who can advise you if we are unable to satisfy your complaint.